A dual hardware & software cross-domain security solution,
for secure exchange of information and protection against malware.

Introducing Threat Removal Plus


Bi-Directional –

Threat Removal Plus supports bi-directional communication.

3 FPGA's –

Threat Removal Plus uses hardware logic to verify the data passing across the air gap.

Native Protocols –

Threat Removal Plus supports native application protocols.

Transformation –

Threat Removal Plus uses transformation to ensure that attacks cannot cross the air gap. Protecting your data with 100% security.

Easy to Integrate –

Threat Removal is easy to install and easy to integrate into existing infrastructure.

Hardware Logic Only –

Threat Removal Plus doesn't use exploitable software components.

Trusted Supply Chain –

Threat Removal Plus is built using a trusted supply chain for ultra-high assurance environments.

Network Separation –

Threat Removal Plus uses assured network separation that prevents cross-contamination between networks.

Upgrading to Threat Removal Plus

Fortify your Cross Domain Security

Securing cross domain file sharing, file transfer and file import. 
Securing cross domain web services and applications.
Securing cross domain Command and Control (C2) data.
Securing cross domain instant messaging.


Don't risk your data with insufficient security.

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DSFSP (Deep Secure File Sharing Protocol)



Framed TCP, UDP


Office formats
(Microsoft Office, PDF, etc.)

Image formats

Structured data
(JSON, XML, etc.)


  • Cloud

  • Physical

  • Virtual

High Speed Verifier

Threat Removal Plus is a combined software and hardware solution comprising one or more pairs of information exchange (iX) servers and a second generation High Speed Verifier (HSV2).

In environments requiring ultra-high assurance, the High Speed Verifier is used to connect together one or more pairs of information eXchange appliances, enforcing an IP break and bi-directional flow controls implemented in hardware logic.


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