Built on serverless computing and microservices for limitless scalability, it comprises a choice of APIs that guarantee digital content is threat-free, eliminating the evasive, zero-day and undetectable attacks concealed in documents and data that routinely defeat detection-based defences.

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The Instant API is the quickest and easiest way to access Threat Removal as a Service.

The Deep Secure Instant API is perhaps the simplest of all the Deep Secure APIs. It is specifically designed to handle documents under 5 megabytes and consists of a simple request – response scenario. Content that is posted to the API is transformed in a serverless function within the Deep Secure Cloud. This content is then sent back to the application in the following response.

100% malware protection:

Ensures files are always malware-free.

Designed for developers:

Choice of simple, JSON/REST and S3 APIs

Easy to integrate:

 Cloud-native APIs let you build-in protection in minutes

Limitless scalability:

 Subscription service built on serverless computing




All Deep Secure products use a common transformation engine. The engine consists of three key parts. These are the extract, verify and rebuild stages, as seen in the infographic.

This process ensures that the user experience is maintained (the before and after look visually the same). However, the file has now been ‘cleaned’ through a normalization process, where Deep Secure only transforms known safe parts of the file format.


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