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Zero Trust Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR)

The True Zero Trust Security Solution 


How does it work?

Rather than trying to detect malware, it works by extracting the valid
business information from files, verifying the extracted information is well-structured and then building a brand new file to carry the information to its destination.

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This free service is currently limited to a maximum file size of 10MB and supports the following file types:
docx, pptx, xlsx, pdf, gif, png, jpg, jp2, bmp, gif

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Benefits of Zero Trust CDR?

Zero Trust CDR delivers guaranteed threat-free files that are pixel perfect and fully revisable. Meaning that there is no risk from even the most sophisticated attacks. Zero Trust CDR stops malware, malicious file uploads and protects isolated networks. 

No Scanning, No Sandboxing, No Waiting!

Zero Trust CDR doesn’t use detection, so there’s no waiting for the system to
scan content and try to detect known threats.
It doesn’t use sandboxing, so there’s no lengthy delays in crucial business processes while content is isolated for inspection.

What happens to your file?

When you upload a file, Forcepoint uses Zero Trust CDR to transform it. The original is immediately deleted. The transformed file is available for you to download and inspect. After 15 minutes it is automatically deleted.

Forcepoint does not retain your file, either in its original or transformed state.

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