Click, Share and Transact in perfect safety

Deep Secure’s pioneering Content Threat Removal platform delivers total content protection – NO FAIL & NO LOSS – for your business

Implausible? Not any more.

Content Threat Removal Video Stegware Threat Removal Video
Content is king in a digitally enabled business – but it’s under relentless threat from cyber attack Threat detection is inevitably evaded, whilst threat isolation restricts your business agility – the only safe approach for your business is to remove the threat entirely.

Why is it needed?

Threat Detection

Trying to identify bad data or bad behaviour
Failure inevitable Cannot detect the unknown Easily evaded Zero day attacks missed

Threat Isolation

Containing the damage caused by the threat
Isolates the business Loss of agility Prone to failure

Threat Removal

Only deliver inherently safe data
Doesn’t need to distinguish good from bad Allows safe access to unsafe data
Dispensing with the failed paradigm of detecting threats or isolating the business, we treat all data with the potential to do harm equally to ensure total Content Threat Removal.


Prevent Zero Day Attacks

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We are delighted to be attending The World Cyber Security Congress, at the Business Design Centre, London 27-28 March 2018

10-12 April 2018, Manchester Central Convention Complex

10-12 April 2018, Manchester Central Convention Complex


Deep Secure are delighted to be part of Arrow’s Event and Exhibition  – The Future of Cloud Solutions on Thursday 12 April 2018 at Landing Forty Two.

Protecting your organisation’s “crown jewels” with – the world’s first true breach prevention solution – Deep Secure’s Content Threat Removal platform; the Enterprise Digital Moat

Content Threat Removal

The only platform defeating unknown threats and managing the insider threat to deliver total protection

How do you benefit?

Our Content Threat Removal Platform delivers:


Reduces cyber risk – total content protection for your business.


Eliminates the need for expensive breach remediation. Works seamlessly with your existing investments.


Your team can now click, share and transact in perfect safety.

No Fail

No Loss

The Deep Secure Content Threat Removal platform eliminates content threats
Our Content Threat Removal platform defeats all attacks on the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and safety of your Information Systems.
No Fail

Click, Share and Transact in perfect safety

  • Defeats the unknown threat
  • Protects without the need for threat detection or isolation
  • Deploys a self-defending architecture that fails-safe

Retain Control

Our platform never allows the attacker to gain control of your information systems.

Fail Safe

Properly engineered to ensure any failure of complex functionality shuts the device down – keeping your system safe.

Unmatched ROI

Avoids the need for costly breach remediation and continuous expert monitoring.  We just deliver the perfect safety your team needs.

Business Resilience

Total protection builds on your existing investments to deliver your trusted business platform.

“You cannot deliberately or accidently hide a controlled document from the Deep Secure Content Threat Removal platform.”

Senior Executive of a multi-national

No Loss

Click, Share and Transact in perfect safety

  • Defends against the insider threat
  • Prevents deliberately hidden content being maliciously released
  • Protects against accidental release of controlled documents


When handling sensitive information, you don’t just have to look after it but demonstrate that you are doing so. That’s what our platform gives you.


Holding users to account means having visibility of what they are doing in your business. Most security mechanisms operate at the network level and so don’t give you the right visibility – not us – we work at the business level.

Brand Protection

Cyber defences that are not going to fail, says something about the value you place on your business platform, giving customers, partners, and investors confidence.


By operating at the business level, our platform directly controls the business information leaving your system, meaning it is perfectly placed to record exactly what you need and no more.

Want to go deeper?

If you’d like to find out how simple it is to defeat the unknown, contact the Deep Secure team and get our experts to answer your questions in a little more depth or arrange a demo - please get in touch.