Content Threat Removal (CTR)

 100% “threat free” assurance for all your content… no loss, no fail, no evasion.

Our ground-breaking Content Threat Removal Platform creates secure zones around key parts of a business, or the entire organisation to ensure protection from zero-day threats, sophisticated ransomware, polymorphic or steganography attacks.

Supercharge your defences

Defences that check content to ensure only safe content is exchanged can only defeat known problems. These are not effective against new or targeted attacks.

Protect Intellectual Property

Most cyber security defences are trivially bypassed. Deep Secure products and appliances are designed as though they will be attacked and expose a minimal attack surface.

Enforce Corporate Data Policies

Users often need assistance when making decisions on how to handle data. Organisations have complex data policies and historical data can be hidden deep with content.


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Discover how Deep Secure Content Threat Removal totally eliminates content threats such as: Ransomware, Fileless malware, Stegware, Phishing, Office malware & PDF malware

2017’s strong performance for Deep Secure delivered results ahead of expectations. The company maintained sustainable real revenue growth, profitability and operating expense control allowing for significant investment in the new platform.

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Egg meme demonstrates cracks in our security - hidden threats posed by steganography

Image steganography is becoming the concealment technique of choice for cyber-criminals and is one of the most frightening and underestimated threats out there.

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Could cat photos take over Android phones?

With the news that Android phones could be hacked by simply looking at an image, Deep Secure CTO Dr Simon Wiseman assesses the risk and wonders whether - given the love of all things feline on the Internet - cat photos could really take over Android phones?

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The Year of the Poison Picture

2018 has seen an exponential rise in the use of image steganography by cyber criminals. As the year draws to a close, Deep Secure’s research team offer their observations on this most worrying of cyber threats.

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Emotet Banking Trojan Goes Undercover

Today, 30th November 2018, Deep Secure Researchers identified a new variant of the Emotet banking Trojan, currently active in the UK.

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Deep Secure Announces Reseller Agreement with Paramount Computer Systems

Paramount Computer Systems partners with Deep Secure
to combat content threats in UAE and Qatar
LONDON, February 13th, 2019: Paramount Computer Systems (Paramount) to resell Deep Secure Content Threat Removal solutions across the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

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Egg meme and the threat posed by steganography

With the news that a picture of an egg on Instagram achieved 26 million likes, Deep Secure CTO Dr Simon Wiseman looks at the potential cracks in our security and the hidden threats posed by steganography in SC Magazine UK.

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Remote hack uses PNG image file

Android users could be remotely hacked simply by viewing a legitimate-looking PNG image, Google has warned in its latest security update. Read Deep Secure CTO Dr Simon Wiseman's comments in Infosecurity Magazine, Security Brief EU, IT Brief New Zealand and Security Brief AU.

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See us at the e-Crime and Cybersecurity Congress

Deep Secure is sponsoring, exhibiting and speaking at the 17th Annual e-crime and cybersecurity congress in London:
Transform your Defences - hear Deep Secure's Principal Solutions Architect Tim Freestone explain the differerent types of cybersecurity detection, their limitations and the importance of moving beyond detection using content transformation to render threat-free digital content.

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No More Zero Day Attacks?

Analysts KuppingerCole recommend evaluating Deep Secure Content Threat Removal.

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