The GX is deployed as a “sidecar” to a Web Gateway or Firewall using the industry standard ICAP protocol so it integrates seamlessly with existing perimeter Web defences.


Web Content

Deep Secure’s unique content transformation technology intercepts Web document downloads and uploads at the boundary and then re-creates them from scratch, clean and safe on the other side. This destroys the threat. Nothing travels end-to-end but 100% threat-free documents.


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Office formats (Microsoft Office, PDF, etc.)

Image formats (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP)


  • Cloud

  • Physical

  • Virtual


The GX can be deployed with any ICAP capable Web gateway or application layer firewall.

The ICAP integration between GX and the McAfee Web Gateway Version 7.6.2 and above has been approved as McAfee Compatible.


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