Combination of Protection

A combination of  Threat Removal and Deep Content Inspection provides an unparalleled level of protection:

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Combination of Cross Domain Solutions

A combination of Deep Secure cross domain solutions and products provide key information protection services. 

Why a Deep Secure IEG Solution?

Deep Secure has a proven track record helping specialist defence and security communities deliver IEGs across UK, NATO, CCEB and European nations.

Each Deep-Secure IEG solution is a carefully tailored combination of products and services to enable the rapid build of a system to communicate securely and effectively with external systems.

Built on a mature range of proven Guard products, the IEG can be developed and deployed quickly and cost-effectively.

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"The support we get from Deep-Secure is excellent and far exceeds any we get from other vendors”.
Delivery Lead - UK Defence Information


Working with Deep-Secure as part of our team has proved the most appropriate way to support the delivery of an accredited system.”
Maj. Antonio IANNIELLO Commander of the Italian Airforce C4-ISR Innovation, Development and
Experimentation Group


“Deep Secure provided extensive cooperation and support during the design and development process, providing an expert team to work with us every step of the way.” Marek Hajn, Senior Project Manager, MTI.

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This Solution Comprises the Following Product(s):

Information eXchange (iX)

Featuring Deep Secure’s unique Threat Removal technology, iX provides 100% threat-free data.

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Data Diode

The Data Diode allows automated data feeds to get information into or out of an isolated system while preserving the essential isolation that protects against cyber attack.

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High Speed Verifier

The High Speed Verifier (HSV) validates information created by the Threat Removal process and provides an IP break all implemented in hardware logic and deployed as a 1U unit.

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Mail Guard

Mail Guard is an SMTP and X400 messaging proxy. It uses policy-based rules to detect threats and enforce compliance, accountability and brand protection on both Internet mail and formal military messages and their attachments.

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Web Guard

Web Guard is an HTTP(s), ICAP and Deep Secure File Sharing (DSFSP) proxy. It uses policy-based rules to detect threats and enforce compliance, accountability and brand protection on Web downloads and uploads as well as Webmail attachments and cross domain file sharing.

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Chat Guard

Chat Guard is an XMPP proxy. It uses policy-based rules to permit chat across domains while protecting against attacks and exploits concealed in messages.

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Network Management Guard

Network Management Guard controls the flow of network management traffic, carried by SNMP, Syslog, ICMP and NTP, between managed networks and a single management network.

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File Transfers

FX utilities are deployed with Deep Secure’s information eXchange (iX) product, providing a complete solution for transferring malware-free documents between networks.

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