Zero Trust Approach


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Secure the Protected Network

Acts like an “air gap”, in preserving the isolation of protected networks, but without the negative manpower, efficiency and reliability implications.  

Why Software Updates

Organisations running protected networks need to maintain the currency of their infrastructure by applying the latest security updates, while remaining isolated from the Internet.

Deep Secure's Software Updates solution enables the transfer of the updates into the protected network, but does not allow any data to flow in the opposite direction. 

One-way flow

Using a fibre optic one-way link, no reliance on firmware or software

Software Update Utilities

Packaged utilities for mirroring WSUS servers and Linux repositories across domains

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This Solution Comprises the Following Product(s):

Data Diode

The Data Diode allows automated data feeds to get information into or out of an isolated system while preserving the essential isolation that protects against cyber attack.

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File Transfers

FX utilities are deployed with Deep Secure’s information eXchange (iX) product, providing a complete solution for transferring malware-free documents between networks.

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