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Secure Cross Domain C2

C2 data can cross between domains with differing classification levels with zero risk of compromise.  

Why Secure Command and Control (C2)

Where C2 data must be exchanged between domains/networks with differing security classifications, Deep Secure’s C2 solution ensures the data cannot be used to attack the protected domain and/or exploit the C2 application.

In ultra high assurance environements the attack surface can be minimised by deploying, an optional "Hardsec" component, the High Speed Verifier (HSV), comprising the data verification controls implemented in hardware using FPGAs.

100% threat-free data exchange

Communicate across networks, with partners and allies, secure in the knowledge that data travelling over C2 systems cannot be exploited

Minimise your attack surface

Deploy “Hardsec” hardware logic and a physical air gap to minimise the protected network’s attack surface

Digital Purity with 100% efficacy

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