What is an Isolated Network?

From government and defence to finance and critical infrastructure, many organisations have networks which contain sensitive information or run critical processes that are isolated from their main corporate networks.


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Why You Need a Cross Domain Security Solution


Organisations need to exchange information between their isolated and corporate networks to ensure business continuity, for example extracting reports from an industrial control network or bringing unclassified information into a classified network to work on it.

To do this safely, it is essential to protect the isolated network so that malware is not imported in and sensitive data is not accidentally or maliciously exported out.

A cross domain solution enables information to be exchanged between isolated and corporate networks in a controlled manner with a high level of assurance that the isolated network cannot be compromised.

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The UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has published 13 security principles to use when building a cross domain security solution to protect an isolated network. Deep Secure is the only vendor with solutions that conform with the entirety of this guidance.


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Benefits of Deep Secure Cross Domain Security Solutions

Protect against network level attacks

Deep Secure solutions protect the isolated network against attack at a network level using protocol breaks and independent information flows enforced in hardware.

Protect against content based attacks

Deep Secure Threat Removal protects the isolated network against content based attacks using transformation (not detection) combined with hardware verification, as recommended by the UK NCSC.

Protect against unauthorised export

Deep Secure Policy Enforcement and Threat Removal stop data from being accidentally or maliciously exported out of the isolated network.

Unparalleled expertise

Working with your team, Deep Secure offers an experienced design and implementation team, a cost-effective and collaborative delivery approach, specialist subject matter expertise and specific experience in meeting formal Security Accreditation requirements.

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Confused by Cross Domain Security? Unsure how to implement the NCSC best practice guidance?
Join Deep Secure’s Senior Solutions Architect Tim Freestone and discover how a cross domain security solution can protect your isolated network



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