Working on the perimeter, iX acts as a transparent application layer proxy. With support for a wide range of protocols and data formats, it integrates seamlessly into a range of business processes and applications.



Simple setup –

and intuitive GUI means iX is up and running in a matter of minutes.

Enforced Protocol break –

proxying traffic so there is no direct exchange of data across the network boundary.

Multi-channelled –

so one iX is capable of removing content threats from multiple different cross-boundary business applications.

Document transformation –

Documents are intercepted at the boundary and then re-created from scratch, clean and safe on the other side. Nothing travels end-to-end but safe content – 100% Guaranteed.

Bi-directional protection –

stops malware being infiltrated and prevents covert outbound data loss – for example via image steganography.

Auditing and offbox logging –

for forensic examination and SIEM integration.

Safe Content

Deep Secure’s unique content transformation technology intercepts documents at the network boundary and then re-creates them from scratch, clean and safe on the other side. This destroys the threat. Nothing travels end-to-end but safe content.


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Framed TCP, UDP


Office formats
(Microsoft Office, PDF, etc.)

Image formats

Structured data
(JSON, XML, etc.)


  • Cloud

  • Physical

  • Virtual


For systems that face the most sophisticated attackers, a pair of iX appliances can be deployed separated by Deep Secure’s High Speed Verifier (HSV).

The HSV provides independent verification implemented in hardware logic and as such uses none of the software and networking components that might house a backdoor exploit or make it vulnerable to attack.


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