Cloud-based service stops organisations falling victim to cyberattacks concealed in content

London, March 4th 2019 – Deep Secure, the creator of Content Threat Removal technology, today announces the launch of Content Threat Removal-as-a-Service (CTRaaS), a new cloud-based service that will stop organisations from falling victim to cyberattacks concealed in digital content.

Cybercriminals are increasingly using content as a vehicle for spreading malware, ransomware and undetectable threats. Rather than detecting and protecting against these threats, Content Threat Removal creates an exact visual replica of any content that is shared with the organisation, while stripping away any hidden information. This enables the business to safely access all digital content, as it eliminates 100% of threats that may have previously been concealed.

The launch of CTRaaS will enable organisations to take advantage of this unrivalled threat removal solution for cloud-first web and mobile applications.

Using the Deep Secure API, DevOps teams can build the solution directly into their application during development, ensuring that all content received and managed by the organisation is completely threat-free. The process also has incredibly low latency compared to traditional detect and protect security solutions, so companies are assured of a superior user experience as all content is delivered safe, pixel perfect and in a fraction of a second.

The CTRaaS API can also plug into interfaces with content creators, so newly created content is threat-free. It can also support threat-free migrations from on-premise storage to the cloud, by eliminating existing threats in the content to ensure they are not re-introduced into the new environment.

The serverless model also means that customers no longer need to manage a costly infrastructure of their own. Instead, they simply buy access to use the API, which is managed by Deep Secure and hosted on AWS. CTRaaS is fully scalable and pay-per-use, so businesses only pay according to the volume of documents requiring content transformation.

Daniel Turner, CEO at Deep Secure, commented: “Digital content underpins modern business and it is impossible for organisations to shun it, no matter how aware they are of the significant risk posed by cybercriminals concealing zero-day or even undetectable threats in it. And, with history continuously showing us that detect and protect security solutions - like anti-virus, quarantining and sandboxing – are inadequate, another approach that completely prevents these threats is clearly required.

“With CTRaaS, companies no longer have to accept solutions that defend against 95% of threats. Companies can completely eliminate threats in all types of content that their applications are handling.”

Deep Secure’s CTRaaS will be available in April 2019 and demonstrations, simulating real world applications, can be seen at RSA Conference 2019, 4-8th March, Stand (5352) and e-crime and Cybersecurity Congress, 5-6 March.

Further information is available on request.

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Deep Secure is privately owned and headquartered in Malvern, United Kingdom and has pioneered the removal of hitherto undetectable cyber threats using a unique process of transformation that ensures only clean content is passed to business users. Our solutions are deployed with over 100 customers worldwide.

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