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To address growing concerns within public sector surrounding unauthorized access to data in the cloud, MDS have refocused their services around providing unrivaled assured services to enhance security already available from their platform provider. Many of their  services continue to be underpinned by UKCloud as well as a number of new partnerships they have made including, Distributed Management Systems (DMS), eCloud and Deep Secure.

Deep Secure provide a comprehensive range of gateway, diode and cyber guard services to protect organisations against sophisticated attacks including Zero Days, advanced malware and ransomware. The services apply a range of data loss prevention techniques to deal with both overt and covert data channels, including steganography. Deep Secure’s unique Content Threat Removaland Anti -Steganography Gateway services enable customers to create secure zones and enables breach avoidance.

MDS has incorporated Deep Secure in their high assurance offerings and are pleased to confirm it will be available under their G-Cloud 9 service catalogue.

Nathan Gilks, Solutions Director for Deep Secure, said “partnering with MDS enables Deep Secure to bring the benefits of our unparalleled knowledge and expertise in protecting organisations from cyber-attacks to an even broader range of customers.”

Adrian Plummer, Alliance and Product Manager for MDS, explains “we continue to work with the best partners in the industry to offer secure, assured and flexible cloud services to our customers. By partnering with Deep Secure we can enhance the customer experience of Cloud by supplying a comprehensive range of services to support the customer to and through the cloud journey.”

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