From portal protection and bulk file import to Web browsing, email cleansing and the controlled release of protectively marked data, Deep Secure's cross domain solutions enable organisations to safely exchange information between untrusted and trusted domains.

Deep Secure's high assurance solutions combine threat removal, “hardsec” hardware-based security enforcement and granular deep policy inspection.

They enable the implementation of solutions that augment and enhance the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) guidance on data import and export.



A Domain that Can't be Trusted!

"Home" is a domain that can't be trusted. 

VPNs and detection-based defences are insecure, overly complex, and do not scale. So now is the time to prioritise a cross domain security solution that will enable you to exchange information safely between home and HQ.
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Built on Best Practice

Download our guide to implementing the UK National Cyber Security Centre Data Import and Export Guidance

The guide explains how you can build a practical implementation of the NCSC's guidance, deploying Deep Secure's Threat Removal, "Hardsec" hardware-based verification and Policy Enforcement technologies.

See how you could build high assurance cross domain solutions that enable safe information exchange between untrusted and trusted domains.


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Looking to exchange 100% malware-free data and prevent un-wanted data loss?

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Use Cases

Deep Secure solutions are deployed across five continents and are tried and trusted by many of the world’s most security conscious organisations - those that cannot afford any mistakes - from sectors including Government, Defence & Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Critical National Infrastructure and Finance. They combine Threat Removal, Hardsec (hardware-enforced verification) and Policy Enforcement and are designed for the following use cases:

Transferring Files

Web Browsing


Command and Control (C2)

Software Updates

Information Exchange Gateways

Hardware Enforced Security

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) cross domain principles are augmented and enhanced by Deep Secure’s innovative data import-export hardware verification capability. Find out how it transforms cross domain security in this report from analysts Peel Hunt. 



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