Threat Removal

Secure File Transfer using Deep Secure Threat Removal delivers:


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Deep Content Inspection

Secure File Transfer can perform deep content inspection, intercepting files and applying rigorous policy rules to each element.

Why Secure File Transfer?

User to user file transfer - when a user needs to move a file securely between domains - for example between their desktop on an untrusted network and their desktopn on a trusted network.

Automated/bulk file transfer - used to move multiple files between file stores on separate domains.

Browser isolation and file transfer - when a user on a trusted network is using the Garrison Ultra Secure Browser to view the Internet and needs to "bring in" a file into the trusted network. 

Combat the threat of inbound malware

Zero-trust threat removal to render files Malware-free with 100% efficacy

Check compliance and protect against data loss

Deep content inspection to check security labels and protective markings, perform lexical analysis to find sensitive information within the content and detect hidden data including meta data

Digital Purity with 100% efficacy

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