Content Threat Removal

The cyber threat is a significant barrier to growing a business, and much of this threat is carried by the digital content that is constantly flowing in and out of the organisation.

The market is full of security technology that aims to reduce the risk of the content threat – anti-virus, intrusion detection, data leakage prevention, business analytics and so on. All these work by trying to spot something bad, either in the data or the behaviour of applications that handle the data. But they don’t work. Failure is inevitable, because they all fail to spot the unknown bad and sometimes mistakenly identify something harmless as bad.

Although a cyber security failure can be very costly, for many businesses it is a survivable event. But most businesses have at least some element that is crucial, where a security failure would cause an extreme level of damage that is unrecoverable. Using risk reducing security technology to protect these “Crown Jewels” is not enough, because any level of risk is too much.

It is possible that some new risk reducing security technology will be found that will be much better at spotting the bad, but any effect will be short lived because attackers develop new evasion techniques at the same rate as new defences are introduced. So this is not the answer. What’s needed is a defence that removes the threat without having to determine whether something is bad.

Deep-Secure’s content threat removal platform does just this. It works by blocking all executable, malformed and hidden data, which keeps the business safe, and by providing functionality for the users to easily handle the edge cases, which ensures the business is never impaired. There is no attempt to distinguish good from bad, so no room for error. Users cannot bypass the controls – but they never need to – so there is no risk of an attacker getting in. The threat is removed.

Content threat removal can be applied to an entire enterprise or selectively to key parts of the business by creating internal zones. It can be introduced incrementally, gradually easing out any existing attacks until the system is completely clean. The content threat removal platform can be delivered as a cloud solution, or closely integrated with on-premise infrastructure using specialised hardware to provide the ultimate in protection.