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  • Company plans to integrate Deep Secure’s Threat Removal Platform and hardware logic based protection within Forcepoint’s industry-leading Cross Domain Solutions portfolio optimized for global governments and critical infrastructure environments
  • Acquisition of Deep Secure would also further extend into the enterprise, defense-grade Content, Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) capabilities within Forcepoint’s Data-first SASE architecture


AUSTIN, Texas – June 15, 2021 - Forcepoint, a global leader in data-first cybersecurity solutions that protect critical information and networks for thousands of customers throughout the world, today announced the company has signed a definitive agreement to acquire U.K.-based Deep Secure. Deep Secure’s cybersecurity products and services protect organizations from cyberattacks delivered via malware and help prevent unwanted data loss.

According to the FBI, in the last year malicious actors have increased cyberattacks by more than 300 percent. And, in 2021, it is reported that ransomware attacks against organizations will occur every 11 seconds. When the U.S. is the number one target for significant cyberattacks, and these attacks are increasing in both frequency and sophistication, the stakes for governments and critical infrastructure organizations to get cybersecurity right have never been higher.

Underlying the planned acquisition of Deep Secure are expansion opportunities that will enable Forcepoint to extend the capabilities of its industry-leading Cross Domain Solutions portfolio to deliver enhanced efficacy for securing the critical data and missions of governments in the U.S. and beyond. Cross domain solutions enable secure sharing and access to critical mission and operational data between security levels across the government and critical infrastructure, providing enhanced security and functionality for high-consequence missions around the world.


“Forcepoint has been the global Cross Domain Solutions market leader for more than 20 years. We’ve maintained this leadership position by working closely with government, commercial clients and technology partners to ensure our solutions continue to deliver the most robust security and usability possible, while supporting our customers’ current and future mission requirements,” said Sean Berg, President of Global Governments and Critical Infrastructure at Forcepoint.

“The addition of Deep Secure’s innovative Threat Removal Platform and hardware security to our Forcepoint Cross Domain Solutions portfolio further extends the depth of our defense-grade capabilities to governments and critical infrastructure organizations around the world, who continue to be under siege from nation-state and other attackers looking for financial gain or to ultimately disrupt societies and economies at scale. We look forward to completing the transaction and subsequent integration of the Deep Secure team and technology into Forcepoint following required regulatory reviews in the coming weeks,” Berg continued.


Deep Secure addresses a substantial problem for organizations -- the safe exchange of information with trusted and untrusted sources. Deep Secure’s Threat Removal platform takes a zero trust approach to data, assuming all of the original data is infected and prohibits that data from reaching its destination. Instead, information is extracted from the original data, verified as safe using hardware-based verification, and then new data is built to carry the information safely to its destination. Malicious or unrecognized data hidden in the document is eradicated.

Deep Secure’s Threat Removal platform helps eliminate the threat from a number of the most common attack vectors, including email and web downloads, and is ideal for organizations requiring the highest levels of assurance. Unlike traditional Content, Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) products, Deep Secure’s Threat Removal platform is not reliant on detection and has been proven to be highly effective, with optimized user experience, flexible deployment and proven ROI.

“There’s already significant alignment between Forcepoint and Deep Secure based on our respective footprints in the defense and intelligence sectors as well as our shared mission in taking a data-first and zero trust approach to security that protects the digital crown jewels at all costs – which is critical for business integrity today,” said Dan Turner, CEO of Deep Secure.

“The economics of removing the Malware threat in the information flows are truly compelling and by extending the Threat Removal approach into cross domain solutions on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud enables enterprise organizations to experience defense-grade cybersecurity solutions at an exceptional value. Today cloud needs cross domain services and vice-versa, setting-up a staggering opportunity for our technology alliances and channel partners,” Turner added.


Subject to regulatory review and customary closing conditions, the transaction is expected to close in August 2021. Following close, Forcepoint plans to integrate Deep Secure’s team and technology into the company’s Global Governments and Critical Infrastructure business unit (G2CI).

Forcepoint’s Data-first SASE with Integrated Defense-Grade CDR for Enterprises

With threat removal a critical game-changer for mitigating compromised data that leads to breaches, Forcepoint also plans to extend integration of Deep Secure’s CDR technology across the company’s Data-first SASE architecture for global enterprises.


The Forcepoint Data-first SASE platform enables enterprises to use the cloud to transform their network and security architectures. It goes beyond simply protecting access to resources; by putting data security first, Forcepoint’s SASE is able to simplify connectivity, and unify security policy enforcement everywhere employees, partners and customers use data across the distributed enterprise.


Further details on new integrated CDR capabilities within Forcepoint’s Data-first SASE platform will be announced later this year, following completion of the acquisition. 


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About Forcepoint
Forcepoint is the global leader for data-first cybersecurity. Forcepoint’s behavior-based solutions adapt to risk in real-time and are delivered through a cloud-native SASE security platform that protects users, devices, and networks as people access the web and cloud, prevents the theft or loss of sensitive data and intellectual property no matter where people are working, and eliminates breaches caused by insiders. Based in Austin, Texas, Forcepoint creates safe, trusted environments for thousands of enterprise and government customers and their employees in more than 150 countries. www.forcepoint.com

About Deep Secure

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in the U.K., Deep Secure’s cybersecurity products and services give organizations immunity from cyberattacks delivered via malware and help protect against covert data loss. Deep Secure is one of the most innovative cyber security companies in the world. It has completely reimagined how to defeat Malware, solving one of the world’s most intractable problems. This breakthrough delivers ubiquitous information safety for a hyper connected digital age and will improve the lives of billions of people. 


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