Deep Secure, is hosting a FREE webinar on June 17th at 3:00pm BST. In The Future of Antivirus, world-renowned security author and blogger Graham Cluley and Deep Secure CTO Dr Simon Wiseman discuss the latest best practices for defeating malware.

The 45 minute interactive session will include debate and discussion on critical topics such as:

  • What the criminals are doing to get past your defences
  • Why Antivirus must evolve to meet the threat
  • How a new approach can give you a decisive advantage in the battle against cyber crime

The webinar is free and includes a live Q&A allowing listeners to put their issues and questions to the presenters. All attendees will receive a free ebook to help them plan their antivirus strategy.

About Deep Secure

Deep Secure solves the biggest cybersecurity problem of the information age - enabling organisations to leverage 100% real-time risk-free data. Headquartered in the UK, Deep Secure solutions are deployed across five continents, and are tried and trusted by many of the world’s most security conscious organisations.

For more information contact:

John Stevenson


T: +44 1684 361070

To sign up visit here.

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