What is Ransomware?



Ransomware is a type of malware that is designed to stop users from accessing business critical files and data unless they pay money to the originators of the ransomware attack. In many ransomware attacks, the data is encrypted such that you can only gain access to it with a decryption key.

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Why Ransomware Prevention is Important for your Business


Ransomware is big business in the modern world and cost the global economy $20 billion during 2020. In 2021, this is predicted to increase with a business coming under attack every 11 seconds.

Ransomware comes in various different forms and can often be difficult to spot, especially to untrained or uneducated eyes. The list of attacks is ever-increasing, with WannaCry, Petya and Emotet just some of the most high profile ransomware strains in recent years.

Once the malicious software has entered a network, it is often too late. In 2020 the average attack cost £4 million with 36% of reported cases ending up in financial loss and 11% of cases resulting in catastrophic loss of data. Companies should be proactive and develop a plan to prevent ransomware attacks and meet any cybersecurity challenges


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Benefits of Threat Removal Anti Ransomware Prevention Software


Stop ransomware attacks using transformation not detection

Instead of trying to detect and remove ransomware, Threat Removal delivers 100% guaranteed threat-free files that are pixel perfect and fully revisable. This means that there is no risk from even the most sophisticated ransomware attacks and no exposure to so-called “zero day” ransomware.


Highly versatile

Threat Removal transforms a wide range of the most popular file formats, including Office files, images and PDFs. These are most commonly used formats for ransomware used by attackers. You can now extract valuable information from existing business files and create new and well-structured files clean from ransomware. Try and clean a file online


Reduced operational costs

With Threat Removal, there are no signature updates or security patches required, which results in reduced administrative costs.


Proven and trusted

Threat Removal is deployed across five continents and is tried and trusted by many of the world’s most security conscious organisations in defence, intelligence, government, law enforcement, critical national infrastructure, and finance.




"For 40 years we’ve tried to protect ourselves from malware using detection-based technologies, but the bad guys keep on getting in."

Join Deep Secure CTO Dr. Simon Wiseman to discover what we’ve been doing wrong and how we can put it right!


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