A pair of servers and a uni-directional fibre optic link pass information from one network to another, acting as an “air gap”, in preserving the isolation of the critical network.



Simple setup –

and intuitive GUI means the Data Diode is up and running in a matter of minutes.

Guaranteed one-way –

data transmitted over an optical diode using single strands of fibre optic wire. No firmware or software.

Multi-channelled –

so multiple cross-boundary business applications using different protocols and controls can share one Data Diode.

Optional Content Threat Removal –

to remove known, zero day and unknown threats in content 100% Guaranteed.

Packaged applications –

for file moving, copying and mirroring.

Auditing and offbox logging –

for SIEM integration.

One Way Flow

The Data Diode is designed to enforce a one-way data flow between Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) networks or between networks of different security classifications such as RESTRICTED and SECRET.


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Not Applicable 


The Data Diode can be integrated with Deep Secure Engine Guards to build solutions that perform Deep Content Inspection and enforce a one-way link between networks.


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