After a number of years providing substantive cyber security solutions to leading intelligence agencies, defence departments and commercial enterprises, 2016 saw the company made a significant breakthrough in the field of cybersecurity, pioneering a disruptive technology that delivers full ‘Content Threat Removal’ (CTR). 

Content Transformation means removing every threat without relying on detection or isolation, guaranteeing safe content with exceptional user experience.

Dr Simon Wiseman



The new technology addresses a gap in the market for simultaneously defeating all content threats – known, unknown/zero-day, and undetectable - without the need to understand or identify the threats and without isolating the business from them. 


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Deep Secure’s hypothesis is that ‘Content is King’, and the winners in the emerging digital society will be those that can fully engage content head-on and leverage the power of transacting it, sharing it, and browsing it.

CTR defeats content weaponization entirely; evasion is not possible, now or in the future.

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