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Digitally Pure Content

Why TRaaS?

Pass a document from an untrusted source to the TRaaS API, you get a guaranteed threat-free document back!

Using a unique approach called content transformation, the service extracts only the valid business information, leaving behind any threat. It then discards the original, builds a brand new threat-free one for you to use. 






TRaaS Instant API

The TRaaS Instant API enables simple uploading and immediate downloading and doesn't require any additional infrastructure.


The TRaaS Async API enables large files to be processed.


The TRaaS S3 API lets us pull and push content from and to your S3 buckets.

Access the Deep Secure Threat Removal as a Service Developer Portal.

With access to your own API keys, comprehensive documentation, code samples and example use cases, the developer portal has everything you need to "bake-in” a 100% malware-free guarantee into your applications and workflows  

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Content Transformation means removing every threat without relying on detection or isolation, guaranteeing safe content with exceptional user experience.

Dr Simon Wiseman


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