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Content Control Guards

Advanced boundary protection for application information sharing to defeat advanced and persistent threats.

Content Inspection Guards

Advanced, self-defending and scalable solutions for information sharing across common business applications and protocols.

Next Generation Data Diodes

Integrated, quickly deployed and easy to manage diode products for effective and strong protection of high value information.

Secure Applications

A range of simple applications designed to help deliver integrated guard solutions for file sharing.

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Our easy to deploy, simple to set-up, next generation data diode, delivered with pre-built utilities and applications to get you up and running in under 10 minutes.

Sectors our products already help protect:

Government & Public Services

Government & Public Services

Our range of Cyber Security Guards helps government and public sector departments to meet the new classification and security risk management requirements. Easily procured via GCLOUD listed service providers they enhance protective monitoring security, cyber information sharing and help to meet the mandatory requirements of the Security Policy Framework.

Defence and Intelligence Sector

Defence and Intelligence

Our Cyber Security Guards are perfect in meeting the stringent cross domain standards required in “high security” environments such as 5-Eyes CCEB, NATO messaging support and as part of International Interoperability. They are proven in deployments with Prime Contractors, Systems Integrators, Service Delivery Partners and as direct deployments with D&I end-users.

Trusted Supply Chains

Trusted Supply Chains

Businesses in the Trusted Supply Chain have to protect high value data assets against data loss, comply with export control regulations and protect IP. Our richly configurable Cyber Security Guards meet complex secure information sharing requirements to ensure information is protected during its journey through the supply chain.

Police & Criminal Justice

Police & Criminal Justice

We are helping the Police and Criminal Justice system to meet the challenges of securely sharing information. These challenges range from connecting legacy systems with emerging national applications to supporting eCrime intelligence and data investigation processes. Our Guards are able to provide secure information sharing and improve operational efficiencies and thereby reduce costs.

Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Automation and Control Systems

Our high assurance product portfolio is effective in protecting information as it enters and leaves IT and OT networks. Operating across Plant, Supervisory and Enterprise Levels our Guards meet Global Standard IEC 62443, providing separation enforcement, enhanced content control and secure remote access.

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