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Engineering security – beyond where others stop

Deep-Secure creates Cyber Security Guards and Next Generation Data Diodes that protect information sharing between computer networks, applications and people.  These products provide the hard security needed by enterprises so they don’t have to build it themselves.

Why do we do what we do?

We believe every enterprise is a target and deserves the very best protection, we build security products capable of facing the most advanced and persistent of attackers.  Our products are delivered as easy to use, off-the-shelf appliances  – perfect for rapid deployment.

Do we have the right product for you?

We ensure that our products are right.  Right for enterprises that require a product to drop into their existing infrastructures. Right for Systems Integrators who need a security component to build into bespoke solutions for their customers.

Our Guards secure a wide selection of information sharing protocols and data formats.  This means we have the right product for the job.  Our Guards can be supplied on various physical and virtual platforms, offering a range of price, performance and security options.

Our Guards have a Self Defending Architecture that provides Application Firewalling, Strong Content Verification for both Data Loss and Malware Prevention and threat Management Integration.

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Transforming Protection against Sophisticated Attacks

Watch our 90 second guide and find out how Transshipment can help protect your business!