Zero day exploits take advantage of previously unknown security vulnerabilities to deliver malware into organisations.

The bigger and more complex our systems become the more undiscovered security vulnerabilities there are to exploit. Each organisation hopes they are not the first to be targeted with the zero day attack, and hopes that their detection-based defence will deliver a patch in time to prevent them becoming the next victim.

In short, staying safe has been largely a matter of luck, until now.

Content Threat Removal

Eliminating the Zero Day Threat

100% Guaranteed

Deep Secure’s unique Content Threat Removal (CTR) technology eliminates the zero day threat at the network boundary.

CTR extracts only the necessary business information from documents and images, discards any data in which the exploit is concealed and then builds completely new documents and images to carry the information onward.  

The result? Users get the content they need and the zero day threat is simply left behind!

From email and Web browsing to file sharing and Web applications, CTR guarantees content is threat-free. It’s easy to deploy, requires minimal administration and integrates seamlessly with existing boundary defences.

Content Threat Removal. The only way of defeating known, zero day and unknown content threats.

of PowerShell files seen in the wild were malicious
1 in every 131
emails contained malware in 2017
new malware specimens in first quarter of 2017

2017’s strong performance for Deep Secure delivered results ahead of expectations. The company maintained sustainable real revenue growth, profitability and operating expense control allowing for significant investment in the new platform.

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