We deploy substantive cyber security solutions, for organisations determined to protect their digital “crown jewels” from the most sophisticated attackers.


We pride ourselves on our discretion and only work with organisations for whom discretion is paramount.


We always deliver what we promise – we never promise what we can’t deliver.


We aim to deliver outstanding innovation to produce seriously strong cyber solutions.

“When others struggled to overcome the challenges inherent in deploying content transformation technology, Deep Secure continued to innovate and have perfected an approach that cements them as the market leader in content threat removal”.

Former high-ranking Civil Servant

What we do

In response to our clients asking us to address a gap in the market for delivering total protection against unknown zero-day threats, without the need to detect threats or isolate the business, Deep Secure have successfully pioneered an alternative approach known as Content Threat Removal.

Our Content Threat Removal approach works by preventing any data that could conceivably carry an attack from entering an organisation. This denies attackers any ability to control your system.

Users are provided with extra functionality in a separate environment where they can safely handle potentially dangerous content.

The Deep Secure approach is revolutionizing cyber security forever; it provides protection without the need for detection or isolation – it is truly “security transformed”. 

Our Content Threat Removal Platform supports Mail, Web, Transactions, File Transfers, Directory Replication, Network Management, Chat, and Software Updates so that you can:




in perfect safety!

Return on investment (ROI)

Good security is thought synonymous with cost in all its forms – but taking a “no fail” approach with our content threat removal platform delivers significant financial advantages, whilst enabling users to work in a perfectly safe environment. 


No need for breach remediation


No need for expert analysis and continuous maintenance


Works effectively with your existing investments

Unrivalled Security and Unmatched ROI

“Adding Deep Secure into the mix immediately drove substantive cyber security improvement without a big ‘rip and replace’ program. It worked seamlessly with our staple products allowing us to drive significant returns on existing investments (ROEI) – for us – that sealed the deal”

Senior Enterprise Security Architect

Want to go deeper?

If you’d like to find out how simple it is to defeat the unknown, contact the Deep Secure team and get our experts to answer your questions in a little more depth or arrange a demo - please get in touch.