Leverage the power of 100% risk-free data with our Threat Removal Platform

The financial services industry is one of the most attractive targets for cybercriminals. Yet, despite firms hiring the very best experts and spending thousands each year, breaches still happen.


Businesses are approaching the problem from the wrong angle. Anti-virus or detection technology simply can't keep up in a world where there's a new threat every day. Overstretched IT teams struggle to respond. And users create weak links in even the strongest defences, all it takes is one click.


A different approach to protection

Our Threat Removal Platform uses a zero-trust approach to protect your business against all known and unknown threats.

Working with your existing cybersecurity defences, the platform intercepts data, documents and images in real-time and transforms them into new, safe documents before passing them on. The original data is never delivered, giving your business 100% risk-free business content, no matter what the threat.

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Total protection for your business

With the Deep Secure Threat Removal Platform you can count on real-time protection for portals, web browsing and apps, enabling your organisiation to exchange and use data with complete confidence.


  • Future-proofed - there's no need to update the platform, you're protected now and in the future.
  • No more waiting for IT to release documents.
  • Integrate the platform seamlessly into your existing perimeter defences with minimal configuration.
  • Remove the threat from cross-domain data exchange.
  • Improve compliance with totally risk-free data.
  • Rely on complete support from our team of experts.
  • Protect your organisation whether you host in the cloud or through physical, on-premise servers.

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 Case Studies

Real-time Portal Protection for Retail Banking with Threat Removal for Portal Protection

Real-time Portal Protection for Retail Banking with Threat Removal for Portal Protection

This retail bank chose Deep Secure’s ‘Threat Removal for Portal Protection’ to protect their portal through a zero-trust approach, transforming data and leaving any threats behind to provide risk-free data import and complete protection from Malware.

Major UK Financial Institution

Major UK Financial Institution

Protecting a Major UK Financial Institution from Zero Day and Undetectable Threats with Threat Removal for Web Gateways.

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