Delivered via the cloud, the AX APIs integrate seamlessly into a range of applications and workflows, enabling you to upload potentially infected documents and download guaranteed, clean documents in return. The new file will have all the useful content, but none of the dangerous elements. Download the datasheet below for more information on our malware APIs and how they work.



How does an Antivirus and Malware API work?

Using the malware APIs, you simply pass a document from an untrusted source to Deep Secure’s content transformation engine and get a guaranteed 100% threat-free document back.

This uses a unique approach called transformation, where information is extracted from uploaded documents leaving behind any threat, such as viruses, ransomware and malware. The information is then used to build brand new documents that are downloaded back to the calling application.


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Your Choice of Malware API

The Application eXchange Threat Removal API is available in 3 variants.

The Threat Removal Instant API enables simple uploading and immediate downloading and doesn't require any additional infrastructure. The Threat Removal Async API enables large files to be processed. The Threat Removal S3 API lets us pull and push content from and to your S3 buckets.


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