Digital content – the documents and images we access every day -
are essential to the operation of any business.

So, it’s no surprise that cyber criminals are using digital content as a carrier for
cyber attacks on an unprecedented scale.


From fraud and blackmail to reputational and even existential damage, these attacks cost business millions.
Many are so-called Zero-Day attacks. Some are completely unknown.

Businesses can’t function without digital content, but without the right protection, sooner or later they will regret handling it.


Zero Day

Staying safe from a zero day exploit has been a lottery – until now!

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Across the world, cyber criminals are holding organisations to ransom for millions.

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Fileless malware

Once the preserve of nation-states, Fileless Malware is now increasingly being used by cyber criminals.

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Exploits hidden in images using steganography are completely undetectable!

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Office Malware

Criminals target end users via the familiar document types they use every day.

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PDF Malware

PDF is the universal standard for publishing, and widely exploited by criminals.

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    2017 was a breakthrough year for Deep Secure as we addressed a gap in the market for simultaneously defeating all content threats – known, zero-day, and the undetectable – without the need to identify the threats and without isolating the business from them.

    Dan Turner


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