Sharing files across your network can be risky unless the appropriate measures and safety precautions are in place. If an employee or anyone within the network shares compromised files, it places the wider organisation at risk from cyber threats.

Secure File Transfers

Why You Need Secure File Transfer


One of the most effective ways to infiltrate a network is via malware. There are a number of malware forms, with the most common coming in the form of ransomware. These malicious scripts cost the economy billions each year.

Protecting your secure network can be a big task and often requires the appropriate tools to allow for a multi-faceted approach. Preventing malware from entering a network is the main priority, but stopping malicious programmes from spreading if they do get in is just as important.

Education is one of your primary weapons against the spread of these scripts. Notifying users of best practices when connected to the secure network is a sure-fire way to reduce the risk of infection. Ensuring the correct programmes and process are in place when carrying out basic tasks like file sharing is another key area of defence strategy.


How Secure File Transfers Prevent Data Loss



Inbound Removal

User to User File Transfers

When a user needs to move a file securely between domains they are exposing the network to risk. For example, moving files between their desktop on an untrusted network and their desktop on a trusted network. Being able to transfer these files safely and securely mitigates the risk.

Bulk File Transfer

Automated/Bulk File Transfer 

Sometimes file transfers are not instigated by a user but are instead automated to move multiple files between file stores on separate domains. These transfers represent significant risk due to the volume of files and lack of user input.



Malware Free File Transfer

Browser Isolation & File Transfer

Users on a trusted network using the Garrison Ultra Secure Browser to view the internet may need to bring a file onto that network. Using these security protocols allows for this to be done securely. 

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Cross-Domain Secure File Transfer


Deep Secure’s secure file transfer service can enforce usage policies to ensure compliance, accountability and brand protection on files crossing between domains. You can also use Deep Secure Threat Removal to totally eliminate known and unknown threats concealed in files or a combination of the two.


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Benefits of Secure File Transfer


Combat the Threat of Inbound Malware

Zero-trust threat removal renders all files Malware-free with 100% efficacy. This means you can share them with your network safely and securely.


Prevent Data Loss

Check Compliance & Protect Against Data Loss

Deep content inspections check security labels and protective markings, perform lexical analysis to find sensitive information within the content and detect hidden data including metadata to keep networks safe.


Ransomware Software

Smashes Command and Control (CnC) Channels

These channels are commonly used by attackers to gain access to and maintain communications with compromised systems within target networks.

CnC Channels



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