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Content Transformation Modules

Content Threat Removal

Protects without the need to detect threats or isolate the business. This is a unique approach and is the only viable way to defeat unknown Zero Day threats. View the brochure.

Anti-Steganography Gateway

Is part of our Content Threat Removal Platform and is the world’s first cyber security solution that mitigates the risk of attacks that use steganography techniques. View the brochure.

XML Guard

Controls XML data entering and leaving the organisation, defending against advanced attacks and misuse. Enforces the constraints necessary to protect XML applications. View the brochure

Chat Guard

Allows organisations to make use of chat without putting sensitive information and critical business processes at risk. Enables secure XMPP/SIP over VoIP sessions across domains. View the brochure

IX Guard

An advanced application layer firewall that allows secure information exchange whilst preventing data loss. View the brochure

Network Management Guard

Controls the flow of network management traffic, carried by SNMP, Syslog, ICMP and NTP, between managed networks and a single management network. View the brochure

Recursive Decomposition Modules

Mail Guard

Controls emails entering and exiting the organisation, enforcing a consistent content security policy on SMTP (Internet) email and/or X.400 messaging.

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Web Guard

Controls web traffic entering and exiting the organisation, protecting browsing, publishing and web-application traffic.

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File Transfer Guard

Providing a secure channel for the transfer of files between protected and external networks over File Transfer Protocols (FTP, FTPS and SFTP).

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Next Generation Data Diodes


Minerva is an enhanced diode that allows information to be checked before being securely passed in or out of an isolated system whilst protecting against attack from the opposite direction.

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This product governs the control and monitoring of plant equipment in industrial process controlled environments and is available on the IguanaBlue platform.

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Secure Application Modules

TransGap Import Export (ImpEx) Application

An interactive application for controlling the use of exchangeable media.

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TransGap Personal eXchange (PX) Application

An interactive application that provides users who have accounts on separate systems with a personal exchange mechanism.

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TransGap Shared FileStore (SFS) Application

An interactive application that allows users to share documents through a file store in a controlled way.

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Deep-Secure X.400 MTA

A Message Transfer Agent providing native support for X.400 protocols for the rapid transfer of messages.

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Other Brochures

Deep-Secure Digital Identity Guard

Guards against the risk of the PKI being used as an attack vector.

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Deep-Secure TransGap Solution

Provides a secure method of transferring files between protected and external networks that emulates an air gap.

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Deep-Secure Control System Guard

Ensures that only permitted process control data can cross the boundaries between plant and corporate networks.

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Transforming Protection Against Sophisticated Attack

Do we have the right products for you?  This brochure explains why we are different and how our products helps ours customers achieve their secure information sharing objectives and needs.

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