Facing Zero Day Attacks

Facing Zero Day Attacks

Most cyber security defences work by detecting something bad and blocking it to prevent it getting in and causing damage. They might look for bad data or bad behaviour, but either way they have to know what they’re looking for. And this is where they are weak. If an attack has never been seen before it cannot be recognised and so is let through and ends up causing damage. An attack that’s not been seen before is often referred to as a “zero day attack”.

Originally this referred to the day the attack was launched and become known to the world, which is when the vendors started working on a fix to the defences. Once the fix was made, distributed and deployed, all users became protected, but during the days this takes all users are vulnerable and could be hit by the “zero day attack”.

This discussion paper explains how the Deep Secure Content Threat Removal Platform gives everyone a way of facing “Zero Day” threats.

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