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Deep Content Inspection

Policy Enforcement performs deep content inspection, pulling apart business content and applying rigorous policy rules to each component.

Why Policy Enforcement?

Deep Secure’s policy enforcement technology intercepts content at the network boundary and applies deep content inspection policies to determine whether it should be allowed to pass.

Apply configurable content security policies

Apply boundary content policies to suit organisation, group or individual needs. Build configurable policies - by source, destination, content type or security label - to help keep users safe and compliant while ensuring they get the business content they need.

Detect known malware

Design policies that keep users and data safe while protecting investments in anti-malware technology by integrating 3rd party anti-virus tools. Inspect content at the boundary for the presence of known malware, code and scripts.

DLP & Compliance

Ensure compliance with government and military protective marking schemes, ITAR and EAR regulations. Identify labelled content at the boundary and apply policies to prevent accidental data loss, security breach and costly regulatory sanction.

Enforce accountability

Heighten cyber security awareness and promote best practice. Build content security policies that identify user actions, inform them when potential violations have been prevented and notify administrators where follow up is required.

Strong performance for Deep Secure delivering results ahead of expectations. The company maintained sustainable real revenue growth, profitability and operating expense control allowing for significant investment in the new platform.

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