Seemingly benign, the Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF) is rich, complex and highly adaptable making it the ideal tool for cyber criminals.

Criminals take advantage of the format to hide scripts, external calls and even nest applications in data within the format (so-called “Russian Doll” exploits). Carried via email or Web download, PDF malware is used to commit financial crime, industrial sabotage and the theft of high-value assets.

Content Threat Removal

Eliminating the Threat of PDF Malware

100% Guaranteed

Deep Secure’s unique Content Threat Removal (CTR) technology eliminates the threat of PDF malware at the network boundary.

CTR extracts only the necessary business information from documents and images, discards the data and then builds completely new documents and images to carry the information onward.  

The result? Users get the content they need and the PDF malware is simply left behind!

From email and Web browsing to file sharing and Web applications, CTR guarantees content is threat-free. It’s easy to deploy, requires minimal administration and integrates seamlessly with existing boundary defences.

Content Threat Removal. The only way of defeating known, zero day and unknown content threats.


of PowerShell files seen in the wild were malicious
fall in share prices following a severe breach.
of cyber security breaches and attacks target financial organisations

Content Transformation means removing every threat without relying on detection or isolation, guaranteeing safe content with exceptional user experience.

Dr Simon Wiseman


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