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Visitors to the Deep Secure stand can observe a sophisticated, multi-part attack in action with a victim’s workstation initially compromised with an email attachment and then disabled with ransomware - concealed in an image using steganography - delivered via a Twitter account. The exploit not only disables the workstation but automatically deletes the Twitter account 30 seconds later, leaving no trace for the forensic team to follow and giving the attacker complete deniability.

“This is a typical application for image steganography by attackers,” said Deep Secure Solutions Director Nathan Gilks. “But with Deep Secure Content Threat Removal (CTR) technology you can totally eliminate the threat of image steganography (stegware) at the network boundary.”

CTR extracts only the business critical information from each image crossing the network boundary in email or Web browsing, discards everything else and then builds completely new images for onward delivery. The result? Users get the images they need and the stegware is completely destroyed.

“Deep Secure is the only cyber security vendor with a credible answer to the problem of inbound malware, outbound data loss and covert CnC channels concealed in images using steganography,” continued Nathan Gilks.

Join Deep Secure on Stand IC2234 at Blackhat USA 2018 – Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas – 8th Aug 2018 to 9th Aug 2018 and find out how you can destroy threats concealed in images using steganography.

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