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The detection-based cyber defences of the last 25 years are failing in the face of relentless attacks from highly skilled criminals using sophisticated zero-day techniques concealed within business content.

The severity of the problem is escalating. Attackers are now employing against commercial targets the kind of sophisticated zero-day exploits that were hitherto the province of nation-state intelligence entities. They are using steganography to hide attacks, conceal command and control channels, and to stealthily exfiltrate sensitive information. They are employing techniques that render detection of the content threat completely impossible.

This year at Blackhat USA 2018, Deep Secure are showcasing a unique approach to boundary security that will change this narrative – forever. Deep Secure Content Threat Removal completely eliminates the problem of weaponized business content crossing your network boundary.

If you would like to leave 25 years of flawed detection based cyber security defence behind and give your users a 100% threat-free experience of email, Web and file sharing, join the Team at Blackhat USA 2018 – Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas – 8th Aug 2018 to 9th Aug 2018 on Stand IC2234.

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