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Deep Secure challenges financial security leaders to make their defences unbreakable.

  • Invites financial service cyber experts to test its cybersecurity platform and see for themselves how they can become unbreakable against the growing problem of content threat
  • Pledges to donate a share of £10,000 to a nominated charity if unsafe content gets through

London, 31st May 2018 – Deep Secure, the British cybersecurity provider, recently launched its pioneering Content Threat Removal (CTR), a new technique which eliminates unknown inbound content threats entirely. The company is so confident in its solution it is inviting an array of leading financial services security experts to work with them in testing its CTR solution and attempt to get unsafe content past their technology. If anything does get past, Deep Secure has pledged to donate a share of their £10,000 charity fund, to a charity nominated by the challenger.

Via a creative ‘Mission Unbreakable’ dictaphone direct mail, financial security experts will be given recorded instructions on how to enter the challenge.  The company has invited experts to bring any malware-laced business documents and images at their disposal to test.

Deep Secure’s pioneering technology addresses a gap in the market for simultaneously defeating all content threats - known, unknown (zero-day) and the undetectable – without the need to understand or identify them and without isolating the business from the digital content it needs.

In Gartner’s March 2018 report, “Beyond Detection: 5 Core Security Patterns to Prevent Highly Evasive Attacks”, the author calls out Pattern 4: Content Transform as key to building defences that deal with burgeoning threat level. Deep Secure is able to offer customers unparalleled levels of protection using full Content Transform through Information Extraction – the most efficient technique from both a usability and security perspective – to provide an end to threats such as zero-day, ransomware, fileless malware and image steganography.

In light of the escalating frequency and scale of cyber-attacks, it has never been more crucial to treat them as a critical business risk. Yet many firms still fall short, solely relying on insufficient patching cycles and virus scans. This is particularly alarming given the rise of undetectable information-hiding techniques like steganography which evade common security technologies.

Dan Turner, CEO at Deep Secure, said: “Our mission is to work with our clients to demonstrate how we can make them unbreakable. Each year organisations invest thousands of pounds in defensive tools deployed to verify safe content. However, these are ineffective against new or targeted attacks. It’s time businesses built on tried-and-failing approaches and started combating security risks with a different solution. We are pleased to invite financial security industry experts to test our Content Threat Removal solution. We’re confident that working together, Deep Secure and those who take up the Mission Unbreakable challenge will be able to deploy defences that are unbreakable. Indeed, if the defence is found wanting, Deep Secure pledges to donate a share of their £10,000 charity fund to a charity nominated by the challenger.

Additional features of the Content Threat Removal platform include:

  • Deployment in high-speed data centre environments supporting M2M-implementations such as JSON and XML
  • Integration with a mail gateway to remove undetectable content threats for data types like OfficeX and PDF
  • Integration with a web gateway to clean imported content
  • Prevention of covert data leakage for outbound messaging that otherwise bypasses DLP
  • A  High Speed Verifier, a unique combination of high-assurance hardware and software, to provide verification in logic and combat the most sophisticated attacks



For more information, please contact Joanna Wilmot at The Think Tank on or call 020 7831 2225

About Deep Secure

Deep Secure is privately owned and headquartered in Malvern, United Kingdom, and has pioneered the removal of hitherto undetectable cyber threats using a unique process of transformation that ensures only clean content is passed to business users.

Deep Secure was founded by former HP Enterprise Security Services leader, Dan Turner, CEO and CTO Dr Simon Wiseman, who was previously at the Defense Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) which became QinetiQ.

Our solutions are deployed with hundreds of customers worldwide including government agencies, large scale enterprises and the military.

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