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London, August 4th 2020 – Deep Secure, the Threat Removal company, today announces the launch of Threat Removal 2.0, the next generation cybersecurity defence.

Threat Removal 2.0 implements a zero-trust approach to the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) data import and export patterns that delivers complete immunity from malware threats and prevents covert exfiltration.

Designed around a unique process of transformation, Threat Removal 2.0 extracts just the business information from incoming data, verifies it is safe and then builds new data to carry the information onwards, ensuring all data is malware-free.

Threat Removal 2.0 delivers pixel perfect transformations to satisfy even the most demanding power user. It transforms over 50 different native file formats including Microsoft and Open Office, PDF and image files as well as structured data formats such as XML, JSON and CSV. It reduces IT operational costs by eliminating false positives that would otherwise need managing and removing detection-based technologies that need constant monitoring and continual updates.

Daniel Turner, CEO at Deep Secure, commented: “Threat Removal 2.0 is the next generation cybersecurity defence, designed around a zero-trust approach to exchanging information and most importantly it is properly engineered for the hyper connected digital age.”

“It ensures complete immunity from the malware threat. It is future proof and evasion proof. It defeats threats that aren’t even known about yet, and there is no way that an attacker can invent a way to evade the defence because there’s no attempt to detect them. Organisations are immune. Now and forever.”

Threat Removal 2.0 is available in cloud or on-premise, ensuring web browsing, portal/file uploads, mail, web services, file transfers and cross domain applications are all immune from the malware threat.

More information on Threat Removal 2.0 is available here.


About Deep Secure

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in the UK, Deep Secure’s cybersecurity products and services give organisations immunity from cyberattacks delivered via malware and help protect against unwanted data loss.

Deep Secure is one of the most innovative cyber security companies in the world. It has completely reimagined how to defeat Malware, solving one of the world’s most intractable problems.

This breakthrough delivers ubiquitous information safety for a hyper connected digital age and will improve the lives of billions of people.

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