Proven track record deploying IEGs for specialist defence and security communities across UK, NATO, CCEB and European nations

To facilitate information sharing between NATO and its partners (NATO and non-NATO nations, International and Non-Government Organisations), NATO has defined a number of Information Exchange Gateway scenarios.

Specialist Expertise

Deep Secure’s ability to deliver solutions to meet the security requirements of an IEG results from many years of experience across teams of specialist engineers and security experts who have worked extensively in this market sector.


A different approach to protection

Deep Secure provide a range of guards to protect systems from the threat of inbound malware and outbound data leakage whilst enabling information exchange.

Deep Content Inspection guards are used to check data transferred over the commonly used Web, Email and File Transfer protocols.  The deep content inspection capability makes them appropriate for the complex protocols and rich data exchanged over the core Information Exchange Services. Threat Removal guards provide transformation-based content handling and are ideally suited to structured data checking and machine to machine data exchange.

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Boundary Protection Services

The Deep Secure IEG includes a number of Boundary Protection Components (BPC) for Node Protection, Information Protection and Information Exchange.


  • Assured network separation.
  • Full application layer proxies for mail, military messaging, Web, file sharing, chat, network management and C2.
  • Policy-based deep content inspection of application layer traffic.
  • Transformation and threat removal of application layer traffic.
  • Inbound threat removal and outbound data loss controls.
  • Label checking to ensure that sensitive information that is protectively marked is not sent out of the domain.
  • Complete support from our team of IEG experts.

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 Case Studies

Czech Army Information Exchange Gateway

Czech Army Information Exchange Gateway

Enabling the Czech Army to implement Information Exchange Gateways with Deep Secure Solutions.

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