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All the benefits of the world’s first content threat removal capability in the cloud:


Why Deploy as a Machine Image?

Deploying as a machine image delivers faster installation, reduced hardware costs and greater flexibility than the on-premise alternative – all combined with the unparalleled security and peace of mind offered by Content Threat Removal.

Deploying as a machine image ensures that your content remains within your own network. Amazon Machine Images and Azure Machine Images both offer unparalleled levels of reliability and availability while Deep Secure's content transformation process ensures digital content is 100% free of known, evasive, zero-day and even totally unknown cyber threats.






Information eXchange as a Machine Image

Deployed inline, information eXchange (iX) as a machine Image is the foundation of our email and file transfer solutions.

Gateway eXtension as a Machine Image

Deployed as a “sidecar” Gateway eXchange (GX) as a machine image is the foundation of our Web browsing and portal protection solutions.

We have a clear plan to revolutionise cybersecurity, offering the sort of protection from cyber threats we are all entitled to expect - a level of protection that the market at large has so-far failed to deliver.

Richard Beaton


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