FX utilities are deployed with a Deep Secure’s information eXchange (iX) product, providing a content threat removal solution for file transfers or with a Deep Secure Policy Engine Guard, providing a deep content inspection solution for file transfers.


Simple setup –

intuitive GUI means the FX utilities can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

File moving –

Scraper / Dropper utility monitors a source file store for the presence of files and automatically moves them to a target file store.

File mirroring –

Mirror Transmit / Receive utility monitors a source file store for the presence of files and automatically mirrors them to a target file store.

Scheduled transfers –

File Transfer Manager utility enables authenticated individuals to schedule the bulk transfer of files between file stores.

Manual file transfers –

Personal eXchange utility provides the user with a mechanism for manually transferring files between personal file stores.

Multi-channeled –

each utility can support multiple concurrent file transfer applications.

Safe Content

Deep Secure’s unique content transformation technology intercepts documents leaving the source file store, extracts only the valid business information from them, and then re-creates them from scratch, clean and safe for delivery to the target file store. This destroys the threat. Nothing travels end-to-end but safe content.




Office formats (Microsoft Office, PDF, etc.)

Image formats (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP)


  • Cloud

  • Physical

  • Virtual


The FX utilities run on supported versions of Linux and Windows.





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