Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

Protect Critical Infrastructure from malware and ransomware attacks and keep your business and services up & running with Deep Secure’s Threat Removal Plus infrastructure security solution.

Threat Removal Plus is a combined hardware & software security solution, for secure exchange of information and protection against malware.


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Industry 4.0 Diode

Zero Trust CDR

Trusted Supply Chain

Native Protocols

Hardware Enforced

The next generation data diode for critical infrastructure service providers. Ensuring that cyber attacks on critical infrastructure cannot cross the electronic air gap. Built using a trusted supply chain for ultra-high assurance environments. Supports native bi-directional application protocols. Verifies the data passing across the electronic air gap. Because this is performed in hardware it cannot be compromised.

Infrastructure Security Solution Designed for Industry 4.0

Reliable data extraction.
Automated software updates.
Malware free file imports.
Securing OT Cloud monitoring.


The Benefits of OT Without the Risks

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Threat Removal Plus

Industry 4.0 Diode: Hardware-enforced zero-trust security for the IT/OT boundary.

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