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For Uploads to Portals, Web Applications and Workflows

Digital transformation means the need to accept uploads from untrusted sources is only going to increase, and so is the danger of compromise:

Why Threat Removal for Portal Protection?

It's impossible to detect all threats in a dynamic cyber environment.

So Deep Secure’s unique zero trust technology transforms every upload, leaving any threats behind. The result is digitally pure data that can be completely trusted.

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Uploads are 100% threat-free

Relax. Leverage digitally pure data that can be completely trusted!

Threat-free data in realtime

Easily integrates into existing portals, applications and workflows to delivering threat-free uploads with no scanning and no waiting.

On-premise, cloud and hybrid

Integrates into your existing on-premise estate and available as a unique security-as-code, serverless, cloud-native solution.

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This Solution Comprises the Following Product(s):

Gateway eXtension (GX)

Featuring Deep Secure’s unique Threat Removal technology, the GX provides 100% protection from malware concealed in Web downloads and uploads to portals, Web applications and workflows.

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Threat Removal APIs

Featuring Deep Secure’s unique Threat Removal technology, AX provides 100% Guaranteed protection from known, zero day and unknown threats in content.

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