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For Uploads to Internet-facing Applications

The demand for customers to interact via portals is only going to increase, and so is the danger of compromise:

Deep Secure’s unique content transformation technology intercepts content being uploaded over the Web at the network boundary and then re-creates it from scratch, clean and safe.  This destroys the threat. Nothing travels end-to-end but safe content.

Stop PDF Malware

Relax. You can be certain only threat-free PDFs can enter via the portal.

Stop Office Malware

Whatever the risk, from financial crime to ransomware, malware concealed in Office documents simply can't get in.

Stop Malware in Images

No risk of compromise via exploits concealed using steganography.

Gateway eXtension (GX)

Featuring Deep Secure’s unique Threat Removal technology, the GX provides 100% Guaranteed protection from malware concealed in document downloads from the Web.

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the average recovery cost of a data breach
days to detect a threat
rise in new ransomware in 2017

Strong performance for Deep Secure delivering results ahead of expectations. The company maintained sustainable real revenue growth, profitability and operating expense control allowing for significant investment in the new platform.

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