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For Bulk Uploads, Data Kiosks and More!

Content Threat Removal for File Transfers ensures that files imported from untrusted sources such as the Internet can be accessed immediately and with confidence, free from the worry of malware-infection in Office documents, PDFs and images.

Why Content Threat Removal for File Transfers?

Deep Secure’s unique content transformation technology intercepts files leaving a source file store, extracts only the valid business information from them and then re-creates brand new copies of the files from scratch, clean and safe for delivery to the destination file store. This destroys the threat. Nothing travels end-to-end but safe content.

Stop inbound malware

From financial crime and identity theft to industrial sabotage and remote access, Content Threat Removal for File Transfers removes known, zero day and even unknown content threats from documents and images transferred between the Internet and the corporate network.

Prevent covert data loss

By destroying threats concealed in images using steganography (stegware), Content Threat Removal for File Transfers stops high value data being covertly leaked to cyber criminals and disrupts secret command and control channels that would otherwise prosper undetected.

Enhance compliance

Content Threat Removal stops covert data leakage inside images (stegware), complementing existing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions and enhancing levels of compliance with PSD2, MIFID2, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR and GxP.

Minimal overhead

Content Threat Removal for File Transfers can be deployed in minutes and works seamlessly with existing perimeter defences. Unlike detection-based products, there’s no need for signature updates or time-consuming patch cycles so there’s minimal impact on IT.

File eXchange (FX)

FX utilities are deployed with a Deep Secure’s information eXchange (iX) product, providing a content threat removal solution for file transfers.

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Deep Secure's new solution simultaneously defeats all content threats - 100% – known, zero-day, and the undetectable.

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