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As digital communication continues to inform every aspect of business, it has never been more important to ensure that the content it carries is safe, pure and threat-free. Any business that is able to establish a track record for guaranteeing its users, business partners and customers access to clean, pure business content will differentiate themselves in what is fast becoming a lawless cyber landscape.

“We’re on the brink of a technological revolution,” comments Dan Turner, CEO at Deep Secure. “In the face of relentless and concerted cyber attacks, organisations are being forced to re-evaluate every aspect of how they acquire, share and transact digitally. Defences based on the detection of known threats are insufficient. Those based on isolation and sandbox detection inhibit the business and leave too much to chance. What’s needed is real protection.”

Content Threat Removal ensures businesses can reap the benefits of digital communication with confidence that the business content they handle is threat free. It always delivers safe, threat-free content across the perimeter boundary, without the need to detect the threat or isolate users from the business content they need. Zero day exploits, ransomware, steganography exploits, fileless malware and the threats inherent in polymorphic files are all removed. 

“Content Threat Removal is a game-changer for business,” said Dan Turner. “It is the only way for an organisation to guarantee their digital communication is pure and threat-free.”

Content Threat Removal and the digitally pure enterprise will showcase at IP Expo on the Deep Secure stand.

Dan Turner is CEO at Deep Secure. Catch him and the rest of the Deep Secure team at IP Expo Manchester 25-26 April 2018 on Stand 756.

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