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Content, Disarm & Reconstruction or CDR, is a type of cyber security technology designed to remove malicious code from files. Until now, CDR technologies have all used detection to try and identify malware and have thus been prone to evasion.

Not any more...

Introducing the Next Generation of CDR!

Threat Removal CDR is a game changer for cyber security technology because it delivers 100% malware-free data. This transformation-based approach is recommended by the NCSC.

How Does it Work?

Threat Removal CDR technology utilises a 3 stage Extract, Verify and Build process to deliver 100% malware-free data. Rather than trying to detect malware, it works by extracting the valid business information from files, verifying the extracted information is well-structured and then building a brand new file to carry the information to its destination.

The Threat Removal CDR Process

Rather than identifying known malware, Threat Removal CDR takes the data and extracts the useful information.

The extracted information is transformed into an intermediary format.

This advanced threat protection and ransomware prevention process makes sure no threats or attacks can reach the next stage.

The original data is stored or discarded, along with any malware – known or unknown.

Brand new data is then built in a normalised way, containing the verified information. The new data replicates the original data, without the threat of embedded malware and is now guaranteed to be safe.


How Threat Removal CDR Can Help

100% Threat Free Reduced Operational Costs Highly Versatile


Deep Secure specialise in delivering malware-free data for businesses. Your team can share files, open email attachments and browse the web safely and confidently with Threat Removal CDR.

Learn more about Threat Removal CDR or organise a Demo today.

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