With the publication of the latest advice on cross domain security, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has created an important yardstick against which every large organisation should measure their defences.

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) leads the world when it comes to delivering best practice guidance on cyber security, for both UK business as well as society in general. In January 2021, the NCSC published new guidance entitled Security principles for cross domain solutions - thirteen things that need to be good to make a secure Cross Domain Solution (CDS).”  In doing so, the NCSC have set the standard by which organisations should measure the efficacy of their cyber security.

Why Now?

Two factors have helped put cross domain security solutions centre stage. Firstly, the cyber threat level is high. We are more connected, more reliant on sharing information and more susceptible to cyber-attack than ever before. By some estimates, there will be an attempted ransomware attack on an organisation every 11 seconds in 2021. So, more than ever, now is the time for organisations around the world to start adopting best practices from the NCSC.

Secondly, some of the technologies covered in the 13 security principles that were once the exclusive domain of government research agencies are now far more widely accessible. You can clearly see this in the published guidance. Recommendations such as the enforcement of data flows at a hardware level to protect against network level attacks. The use of transformation to protect against content based attacks and the close binding of data authorisation and data release are all achievable with Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solutions. 

What Next?

The NCSC’s 13 security principles are the culmination of decades of research and development into how best to protect the government’s most sensitive networks, systems and data, those assets that absolutely cannot afford to be compromised. Any organisation that takes the security of their data and systems seriously should be measuring their current, and future, defences against this guidance.  

As a key contributor to the NCSC’s 13 principles, Deep Secure are ideally positioned to help organisations take advantage of this best practice guidance. Working with your team, Deep Secure offers an experienced cross domain security design and implementation team, a cost-effective and collaborative delivery approach, specialist subject matter expertise and specific experience in meeting formal Security Accreditation requirements.

If you would like to find out more about Deep Secure or our Cross Domain Solutions visit www.deep-secure.com/cds 

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