McAfee’s on-premise and in-cloud Web Gateways provide highly effective and scalable cyber security solutions for users who need to browse the Internet.

But cyberattacks initiated using malware concealed in documents and images and delivered via the Web can be difficult and sometimes impossible to detect. So, for organisations that need an extra layer of protection from this type of highly sophisticated malware concealed in documents and images and delivered via the Web, there’s a ground breaking new technology you can add-on to your McAfee defence. Deep Secure Threat Removal.

Paradigm Shift

Deep Secure Threat Removal is a paradigm shift, one born out of defending military data assets. The approach starts from the premise that since it is impossible to be certain that any given piece of content does or doesn’t contain malware (the bad guys are just too good at hiding it), the only way to be certain is to trust nothing and use a threat removal platform to transform it.

This transformation process involves extracting the useful business information from every image, Web download, Webmail attachment, file share and social media post, discarding the original and creating a new one with the information in it to give to the user, leaving any threats behind in the process. It’s a paradigm shift because it’s an approach that based on removal rather than detection.

Threat removal 100% guarantees risk-free browsing because none of the original downloaded digital file ever reaches the user or the endpoint.

Instant Immunity

In terms of the benefit to the business, Deep Secure Threat Removal works with an existing McAfee malware scanning and sandbox defences, adding the crucial ability to transform the content of every browsing session and destroy the threat. The result? Instant immunity from malware arriving via the Web.

Transforming security

The zero trust approach to transforming data used by Deep Secure is recommended by the UK NCSC. Working with your existing McAfee Web defence, the Deep Secure Threat Removal platform intercepts documents and images from the browsing session in real-time and transforms them, inline with NCSC recommendations, into new safe content before passing them on. The originals are never delivered, giving your business users a100% malware-free browsing experience.

Threat Removal

Deep Secure Threat Removal delivers instant immunity from malware concealed in Web downloads and browsing sessions and integrates seamlessly with your existing McAfee Web defence, either on-premise or in-cloud.

It stops cyberattacks concealed in browsing, document downloads, social media, webmail and file-sharing websites. It reduces reliance on sandboxing and enhances user productivity. It reduces operational costs because there’s no patching or maintenance and no dealing with malware alerts/false positives. It can be added into your existing McAfee Web defence in under 15 minutes and it is available for in-cloud or on-premise McAfee Web defences. 

Threat Removal has benefits across the organization from risk mitigation to user productivity. Most important of all, it takes the onus away from the defender to try and second guess an attacker’s next steps and makes the web a place where businesses can exchange and leverage data with confidence.


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