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Whatever the threat – from ransomware and Banking trojans to remote access kits and keyloggers – cyber criminals know that the best place to conceal their latest exploit is inside an everyday business document or encoded in an image using steganography; and the best way to deliver it is via the Web.

“Existing perimeter Web defences are failing to cope with this onslaught of known, unknown and zero day threats concealed in business documents and images,” said Tony Kinkead, Sales and Marketing Director at Deep Secure.

Deep Secure has set about taming the wild Web by pioneering a totally new approach to perimeter security. Content Threat Removal works by extracting the business information from the documents and images in the Web browsing stream. The data carrying the information is discarded along with any threat. Brand new documents and images are then created and delivered to the user. Nothing travels end-to-end but safe content.

“We’re able to deliver safe, threat-free content across the Web boundary, without the need to detect the threat or isolate users from the business content they need,” said Tony Kinkead. “The beauty of this approach is that it drops seamlessly into the existing boundary cyber defence and provides a low risk, low cost route to protection.

Deep Secure’s Content Threat Removal for Web Gateways will showcase at IP Expo on the Deep Secure stand.

Tony Kinkead is Sales and Marketing Director at Deep Secure. Catch him and the rest of the Deep Secure team at IP Expo Manchester 25-26 April 2018 on Stand 756.

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