100% Malware Free Web Access


Threat Removal integrates with the McAfee Unified Cloud Edge to ensure users can access, download and upload files via the Web, webmail and social media, secure in the knowledge that they are always 100% threat-free.


Deep  Secure Threat Removal is different. Rather than trying to detect malware, it works by extracting the valid business information from files, discarding the originals, verifying the extracted information is well-structured and then building new files to carry the information to its destination. This transformation-based approach is a game changer because it delivers 100% efficacy.


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  • Uses transformation rather than detection - as recommended by UK NCSC.
  • Gain total immunity from known and unknown malware coming from the Web.
  • Stop cyberattacks concealed in browsing, document downloads, social media, webmail and file-sharing websites.
  • Reduce reliance on your sandbox and enhance user productivity.
  • Reduce operational costs - no patching or maintenance, no dealing with malware alerts/false positives.
  • Available for in-cloud or on-premise McAfee Web defences.

Deep Secure is a McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) Partner 

Deep Secure Threat Removal for Web Gateways is compatible with McAfee Web Gateway 7.6.2 and above