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Mail Guard


Mail Guard


Email is indispensable for organisations intent on sharing information easily, collaborating across teams and driving business processes quickly and cost-effectively.  But email is also a potent attack vector and an easy means of leaking sensitive information, both deliberately and accidentally.

The Deep-Secure Mail Guard helps businesses control email traffic entering and leaving the organisation, and effectively defends against advanced attacks and misuse by focusing on the content.

The Guard is used by organisations that need to tightly control Internet email traffic or need to pass email between separate internal zones, without disrupting business processes.  It is ideal for systems in government, law enforcement, defence, pharmaceuticals, finance and utilities.


The Deep-Secure Mail Guard gives the following benefits:

  • Blocks the spread of malware
  • Data loss prevention
  • Stops social engineering attacks
  • Holds users accountable
  • Ensures messages are authentic
  • Preserves secrecy of messages
  • Effective defence against cyber attack


Mail Guard Flyer

The Deep-Secure Mail Guard is powered by the Deep-Secure Policy Engine.

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